SuperDoc User Accounts vs. Organization Account

Roles & Permissions All types of Users have the following permissions: View all the processes and steps in your Organization’s SuperDoc View all the comments submitted by other Users Submit comments Organization Account The Organization’s account is the Super Admin User. The Super Admin User is responsible for all Authorized Users accessing the Organization’s SuperDoc, […]

Existing Types of Users

SuperDoc is an invitation-only application currently on its Beta version. If you and your organization are using SuperDoc, it’s because you’re one of the few to have received the invitation to try it. This means things change very fast while an application is Beta. Here is a list of the existing type of users: Super […]

Can’t Find the Editor on my SuperDoc App

If your user account is an editor account, you will find the Editor mode at the bottom menu:  If you don’t see the editor mode in your account, verify with your Organization’s Supervisor whether you have editor access in SuperDoc. If your Supervisor can’t find that information, contact our Support Team at and tell […]

Getting ERROR at Login

Verify your user name and password are correct (look for typos) If everything entered is correct and you still cannot get access, proceed to reset your password by following the steps for “Forgot Password”. Try login in again using the new password If resetting your password didn’t work, contact our Support team at and […]

Forgot Password

NOTE: The link to reset passwords is unique to each organization. If you are unsure of your organization’s SuperDoc server URL, contact our Support team.

Where to Find User Name & Password

The username is set up by each user when they register for a SuperDoc account. The username, which can be different from the email address, is required to log into the SuperDoc application.  Contact our Support Team at and tell us about your problem. Someone will contact you to help you solve the issue.

How to Request a User Account

If you are your organization’s Super Admin, you can register your users in the app or contact us at  If you are not your organization’s Super Admin, please contact them.